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Disclaimer: While this tutorial is 100% Free, there is always a cost associated with building websites.  In this training the only money you will spend is for your (.com) domain & hosting. Total cost to make your own website today is going to be under $100 per year.

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Just a Little Bit About

There are a lot of different ways to build websites. For years people could only design websites with traditional HTML.  But on May 23, 2003 website design was changed forever with the launch of WordPress. 

WordPress is a platform that enables you to set up a professional looking website on the internet. The best part?  The WordPress platform is 100% FREE! (OK the platform itself is free, but you do need to register a domain and buy hosting.)


Like they say, millions of people can’t be wrong! I’ve personally used WordPress to build my own websites since 2009.  

I feel like I need to let you know that it is not just bloggers on a small level that use WordPress for their websites. Below are some of the brands that use WordPress.

Brands That Use WordPress

So it is time to join the ranks of the big brands in the world. Watch the video above to design your website.

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