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About Page Design Doesn’t Need To Stress You Out! This Is All You Need.

When you are putting the about page together for your website, it can stress you out. But, I did most of the stressing for everyone at this point. So I put together what I've learned after building websites since back in the 1900's lol. Seriously, some things may change but this is the basic structure to a successful about page.
about page design tips

The “About Page” design is just as important as the homepage design.

When it comes to your about page, this is where people get to know not only about your business but also about the people who run it.

This is going to be similar to the home page because you should include things like a good “headline”, 1-2 “CTAs”, “benefits” and “social proof” you should also include a few other things like:

  • Mission Statement – This is important to have for two reasons. The first is because whether you believe it or not, having your mission statement holds you accountable to it and the second reason is that it tells your visitor what you are doing this for.

  • Vision Statement – Similar to the “Mission Statement” this is important because it lets your visitors know that your vision for a successful future means you aren’t going away any time soon.

  • Your Story – Don’t hold back when writing the story of your business. If you remember I said earlier in the social proof section for the home page, people do business with people they know like and trust. Sharing your story, struggle and all will help people relate to you and want to do business with you! Yes, I did say to include the struggle. People are used to seeing “My Business Is Great” but when you open up and share the real story including when you had to get a title loan on your car to pay for the supplies to get started it makes the business look more like a person instead of a machine that would just look at them as a number.

You will also need to emphasize your Unique Selling Proposition or USP. This is what differentiates you from your competitors and your “About” page needs to make it clear.

I found an amazing blog post by Neil Patel that had a small infographic that wraps this up completely. Basically, it is 3 overlapping circles with a question in each.

  1. What Your Brand Does Well

  2. What The Consumer Wants

  3. What Your Competitor Does Well

You want to only focus on delivering 2 of these items. You obviously don’t want to say I know you want to buy a house & my competitor treats his clients amazingly. You also do not want to try and compare yourself to your competitor because this is YOUR about page!

So the main two items you should focus on when thinking about your USP is… (What Your Brand Does Well) and (What The Customer Wants) … If you are good at what you do then this should be basically the same thing.

Remember to think about your “About” page as an introduction to your potential customer. What part of your story and journey do you think is important to the connection between you and that awesome visitor that wants to be a customer?

My next step is for you to sketch out your “about page design” – You can work on the actual written content later…

You can use a blank sheet of paper, a web design printout template (Checkout or you can use the website design workbook.

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