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How to Block Access to Your WordPress Admin Pages by Country

How to Block Access to Your WordPress Admin Pages by Country

If you are building a website with WordPress you may want to make sure that your website is safe from hackers.  There are a lot of different tools you can use but this is one plugin that I stand behind!

Admin Block Country By TheOnlineHero – Tom Skroza

admin block country wordpress plugin

Basically put, this plugin will block access to your administration pages from people outside of your country, or the countries that you chose. Once you install this plugin the setup is very easy.

admin block country plugin tutorial

Go to the settings by clicking on “Block Country” on the right sidebar of your WordPress Dashboard. Once you are in the settings for Admin Block Country or “ABC” plugin you can do a few things.

If you want to get really specific you can block admin access to a local IP database that “ABC” can use.

You can also choose a backup external IP to country service.

I recommend that you go down to the third section and click on “Select All”  then at the bottom of the page click on “Block”.

Don’t worry the settings on the backend will not let you block the country you live in for your own protection.  So if you are accessing your dashboard to configure these settings from a coffee shop in California, then the United States would not be available to select on the list.


Easy to use plugin, that blocks access to your wp-admin area by country. Uses geoip-api-php as the library to work out the visitor’s country.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions feel free to comment below or shoot me a DM on social @cjhallock & please remember that these are just the tools that I use and there are no guarantees.  Please do your own research for what you need when building your WordPress website.

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