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How To Create & Delete WordPress Users

Sometimes you may want to add a user for a partner or editor. Other times you may have a user account that doesn't need to have access to your dashboard ... follow along and learn how to create and delete WordPress users

Go down on the left sidebar and go to Users > Add New

Username: This needs to be around 6-10 characters and needs to be original. DO NOT USE “ADMIN”, “WEBMASTER” or anything else like that. Feel free to use your name or nickname.

Email: Put in a valid email address. Your new email address we created earlier would be

Fill out your First Name & Last Name.

In the “Website” section you need to include the full link so it should look something like this ( )

Password: This is a touchy subject. I know how much you may want to create a password that you can remember, but that could cost you in the end. Click on the “Show password” button to edit & show your password.

I’d recommend you create a password that is 10-15 characters long that includes lowercase (a,b,c), uppercase (A, B, C), numbers (1,2,3) & special characters (!, @, #).

I highly recommend that you use the “Password Generator” and just remember to WRITE IT DOWN! OR… Find a creative way to remember it!

Check the box to “Send User Notificaiton” • Then set the “Role” to “Administrator”

Then click on “Add New User” & that is it!

If you don’t like the fact of writing down your passwords you can use something like LastPass ( which is an awesome password manager that is secure. It stores all of your passwords on an encrypted server that you can access with one master password that you can create and remember.

You will notice that there is an Avatar or “Profile Picture” section within your user profile if you want to customize this, you will need to create a & account and update your image there. It will automatically update everywhere else on your site and when you comment on other WordPress sites.


You need to do two more things.

First is in the upper right-hand corner you need to hover over “Howdy, start” and click on “Log Out”.

Now that you are back on the login page you need to log in with your new username & password.

Next thing on the list is to delete the old username. You can do this by going to Users > All Users

Hover over the old user “start” and click on “Delete”

On the next page, you need to check “Delete all content.” and then click on “Confirm Deletion”

how to delete a wordpress user

This will automatically get rid of all default content by the initial installation of WordPress. The only thing you need to do now is to go into the “Trash” and permanently delete all trash. You can do that by starting with “All Posts” at the top of that page you will see “Trash (X)” Click on the top box to select all then in the “Bulk Actions” dropdown box, simply select “Delete Permanently” and then click on the “Apply” button.

Repeat this step for “Pages”.

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