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How To Install The FREE WordPress Theme | GeneratePress

When you are starting out building your website. You need to have a WordPress theme that works for what you want. Follow these steps and install the free WordPress theme GeneratePress
install free wordpress theme

Installing your WordPress theme is very easy. Once you login you go to install your theme by ..

Dashboard > Appearance > Theme > Add New

Once you are on the Add New WordPress Theme Page all you need to do is search for your desired theme.

how to add generate wordpress theme

GeneratePress is the WordPress Theme we are going to be using. Once you Search for the theme, simply install & activate. When you hover over the theme thumbnail you will see a “Preview” (Don’t worry about this, we are going to customize the entire site so this won’t matter) and then you will see an “Install” button. Click on “Install” and once it installs that same button will turn into an “Activate” button. Click on “Activate”. That is it!

Now, you need to delete all of the other default WordPress themes.

From the “Themes” page, hover over the other themes and click on “Theme Details” then in the bottom right corner of the theme popup click on “Delete”

You will get a popup asking for you to confirm. Click “OK”. Repeat until GeneratePress is the only theme left.

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