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The Website Pages You Need To Have

Before you build a website you should have an idea on what website pages you are going to need for your website.
website pages you need to have

Website pages are the legs of your website. When you start building your website you need to have some very important website pages so it doesn’t stumble.  The first page you will need to think about is your homepage. This is the most important page on your website because it is the first thing people normally see. I’m not going to go deep into it, but you can read more about what your homepage should have here.

The next page we’re going to talk about is the “About Page” and this one is important because it is how your visitors get to know you. Check out this blog I wrote on how to not let your about page stress you out.

Now that we have those two pages complete we are going to go over some of the other pages that you may want to use on your website. Because this book isn’t for a specific industry I can’t say you need “THIS” so I’m going to cover some of the most important pages in most industries aside from the home and about pages.

  • Blog Page – This page doesn’t require any design within Elementor. It will automatically display your recent blog posts (if you plan on blogging). The only thing you may want to consider is what you would like listed on the sidebar for your blog. But, we will be covering that in a little bit.

  • Contact Page – Of course this page is important but aside from a few things you should have on this page it is basic. Yes, you should have your contact information but you should make it easy for people to contact you with a form. If you have a physical location it would also help for you to have not only your address but use the map element to display a map of your location & possibly some directions from a major landmark if needed.

  • Services Page – You may think it is enough to say that you are a painter but your services page will let your visitors know if you do drywall work/repair, deck staining and other things that you may believe to be understood as a painter. Listing the main services you offer helps people have peace of mind knowing you’re not just saying “Yeah I can do that!” because you promote it and wouldn’t promote something you haven’t done before.

  • Products Page – If you offer/sell products it always helps to have a page that does more than saying that you sell cars. You should have a page that lists each of the products you have to offer with details for each product. If you only sell a small number of products you may want to create a page for each product. Or if you own a store that has a lot of products, you may just want to have one products page that has a good overview of the type of products you have in your store.

  • Portfolio Page – This could be used for many different industries including graphic designers, painters, t-shirt companies, artists, etc. This is basically a page to display your work. You can use individual images with small write-ups about each “project” or you could even make it a page that displays a category “Portfolio” from your blog and do a new blog post for each of your portfolio items. Then they just see the featured image for that post and have to click on the blog post to read more information about that “project”.

  • FAQ Page (Frequently Asked Questions) – This may seem a little dated, but it works! Having an FAQ page will give you a bit of a resource section that you can send people to if they are asking a question about your process, or maybe your turn around time. The most powerful part of the FAQ page is using it to acknowledge and address skepticism and objections to your products and/or services.

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